Who we are

The C.S. Fabricators team, based in Palakkad and headquartered in Kerala, has over 30 years of expertise in large and complex design-build projects. We have provided services to building owners and clients for over three decades. Our experience has proven that understanding the Owner’s needs and expectations and then exceeding them are the keys to every project’s success. We always achieve high standards while staying within your budget, regardless of how innovative our schoolroach to construction is By providing one-stop building services, we aim to make it easier for individuals to coordinate construction services from different vendors and eliminate the hassle of coordinating between them. The most experienced construction company in Palakkad specializing in SS work, solid blocks, and commercial construction. We help our customers build on time, and on budget, in Palakkad. We are confident that C.S. Fabricators, Palakkad can help you achieve your dreams in a professional manner with top-notch quality at reasonable rates. So without fear and confusion, let’s work together on your next project.

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we understand that choosing the right construction and fabrication partner is a critical decision for your project's success. We take pride in offering you compelling reasons to choose us.

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Licensing and Certification
  • Financial Stability
  • Project Management
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Transparency
  • Client-Centric schoolroach
  • Timeliness
  • Cost Competitiveness
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Turning Ideas into Icons

  • All
  • School Buildings
  • Residential
  • Commericial
  • Hand Rails
  • Glass Work
  • Glass House
  • Steel Fabricatins
  • SS Fitings

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